The art of having the right number of skilled people and supporting resources in place at the right times to handle an accurately forecasted workload, at service level and with quality.




Our Passion is Delivering Solutions That Promote Superior Customer Care, Increase Customer Loyalty and Improve Your Bottom Line

Software's and Solutions for  Sales, Support & Service Excellence

Welcome to Advanced Business Systems. The purpose of this web is to enhance our product visibility and services we provide to our customers. We will provided a number of resources here to help you understand the importance of customer service and support in today's economy. Also we will provide resources to help resolve problems, report bugs, and suggest improvements to our products and service.

Advanced Business Systems, Co. is a privately held organization established in 1994,  specializeed in Consulting and Implementation of eCRM, Service Management solutions, Help Desk and Support Systems, Maintenance Management, e-Service and other software solutions and services specific related with the sale, support and service industry.

"We help you to provide the best service to your customer -- 

Service is the key to stay ahead in business today and tomorrow "


Our Mission

In A B S we supply the most advanced technology in our area of expertise, but the most important; -- We work in partnership with our customers to deliver the most effective solutions, to keep them ahead in business, in technology,  in these competitive world and in their bottom line.

We have partnership with top companies like Astea International, CustomerSoft, Nexent, FrontStep,   HEAT-GoldMine, DataStream SafestWare and others, to offer you the best software's and solutions for all your customer sales support and customer service needs, operating environment, and budget. 

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Service Management and Help Desk:

Help Desk Software Parature Offers Help Desk software solution for customer relationship and service management

Call Center - Communications:

Answering Service - Call Center - We serve as an nationwide inbound call center and answering service for all industries. We answer for other companies in their business name. We provide a variety of services from secretarial to order entry

Computer and Internet Security:

SpySweeper Download site provides you with the FREE Spy Sweeper download version, awarded as the best spyware remover on the market. You can download Spy Sweeper spyware remover with confidence from this site

Chat Logger - Record and monitor all chats in complete secrecy. MSN, AOL, AIM, Yahoo, and ICQ chat logger software.

Spy Software - Internet Monitoring and surveillance software

Marketing - It's All About The Customer Service. --  "Everybody in your organization -- from the CEO to the mailroom clerk -- has to care passionately about customer service. It has to be a strategic element in an underlying principal with regard to the foundation on which your company is built…That is something most companies miss in the pursuit of revenue and profit in this sort of faceless channel of commerce -- putting the costumer first in everything we do"